Death Away From Home

Each month we assist families throughtout the United States in returning their loved ones home. Recognized nationally as West Michigan's experts, we can assist your family in making arrangements anywhere in the country (and even in foreign nations).

We know how confusing a death away from home can be. Whether Mom or Dad are wintering in Florida when a loss comes... or your loved one dies while traveling on business or vacation... you can feel even more vulnerable than if the loss was experienced at home.

Being away from your hometown... away from people you know and trust... away from the support of loved ones... We can help !

No matter where the death occurs, always call your hometown funeral director FIRST. He can often handle all the arrangements (regardless of whether you prefer burial or cremation), and often save your family hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, added burden, and duplication of services.

With our 100 years of experience in serving the community, you can be assured that we can meet your needs. 

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